7 Design Elements That Make A Great Kitchen

7 Design Elements That Make A Great Kitchen

The question “What makes a great kitchen?” is one which you will receive answers to from cabinet makers, kitchen designers, and we dare say, homeowners who have been fortunate enough to have kitchen renovations that have proved to be near perfect. What those answers are will differ in as many ways as there are different kitchens.

However, if you were to bring together all the answers, you will soon notice that there are some answers which appear a lot more than others. But wait, you do not have to go through that process, as we have already done so for you. So, if want to discover the design elements that all great kitchens have, read on and you will see the seven top answers.

Design Element #1 – Uncluttered Workspace

One of the worst traits that a kitchen can have, both practically and aesthetically, is to be cluttered. Not only does this make working in the kitchen more difficult, the appearance of a cluttered kitchen inspires no one who enters it, especially those who might have been thinking about cooking a scrumptious meal, but then decide not to bother due to cluttered workspaces. In all discussions about your new kitchen’s design ensure that clutter is eliminated.

Design Element #2 – Maximised Storage

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, one of the key objectives will be to ensure that your new kitchen design has plenty of storage. This can be done in many ways, but we suggest that your cabinet makers are the ones you need to speak most to about this. They can create custom cabinets that maximise storage, including for awkward spaces that might otherwise be void space and thus wasted.

Design Element #3 – Optimised Layout

It is imperative that kitchen renovations conclude with a layout that achieves many desirable goals for your new kitchen. You first want it to provide ease of access so that everyone can come and go from the kitchen area without hindrance. In addition, a carefully considered and optimised layout will ensure that whenever anyone is working in the kitchen it is a pleasure rather than a chore.

Design Element #4 – Aesthetically Appealing

Whilst you want a design that provides a space you can work in with ease, another aspect of that kitchen that you must get right is its appearance. Whether it be the design of the countertops, the cabinet colours and finishes, the trimming and accessories, the splashbacks, the wallpaper, or the wall tiles, every element has to complement the rest of the kitchen to provide the perfect aesthetics.

Design Element #5 – Effective Functionally

This is where finding the absolute perfect balance between the look of your kitchen and the practicalities within it is crucial. There is little point in having a stunning kitchen if it is nigh on impossible to cook or eat anything in it as it fails functionally. Thankfully, the expertise of your kitchen designers will help you to find the right harmony between looks and usage.

Design Element #6 – Excellent Lighting

We have talked about functionality and aesthetics, and very few elements within your kitchen renovation’s design influence these both as much as the lighting in your kitchen can. First, ensuring you have sufficient light will assist in working in the kitchen. In addition, lighting can also contribute massively to the aesthetics of the kitchen with well-positioned main and ambient lighting.

Design Element #7 – Appropriate Flooring

The flooring is the part of the kitchen that gets the most abuse from spillages, items being dropped on it, and, of course, people walking across it. That is why you first want flooring that can withstand all of that. You also want your flooring to perfectly complement to enhance the appearance of your kitchen.