Common Lawn Issues

Common Lawn Issues and How to Solve Them

If you’re not a landscaping expert, then you may come across a few issues with your lawn and not know how to solve them. While many people ignore the problem and hope it goes away, when it comes to your yard, it’s in your best interests to be proactive.

Any number of landscaping problems can be permanent, so as soon as you notice something wrong, you need to take action. You can call upon a landscaping expert or you can follow this helpful advice below.

  1. Weeds

Problem: A common problem, especially with lawns you have not been taking care of, is that weeds take up residence in them. They can choke a garden take it over, and cause it to look terrible!

Solution: Fortunately, there is a way to solve and prevent weeds from taking over. Of course, you can get expert help, first and foremost. Or, you can remember to mow your lawns regularly with a sharp blade. You can also make sure your grass is getting enough water, supplementing it if necessary.

  1. Bald Spots

Problem: Men are not the only ones to suffer from bald spots; your lawn can too! Bare spots are areas of your grass that are not growing. They can occur for many reasons. It might be a heavy traffic area of your lawn, it might have a disease, or it might have had something set on top of it for too long.

Solution: Dig up the bald spot and a few inches of lawn around it. Rake and till the area, and add grass seed and topsoil. Water it, keep the birds off it and wait for it to come back. Plan your landscaping around this area in the meantime.

  1. Moss

Problem: If you have a wet, shaded, or under-fertilised lawn, then moss might be a problem for you.

Solution: Keep trees short to let the sun in, aerate the lawn, perform a pH test to work out the type of soil you have, and treat accordingly. You may also be able to use a moss killer. Consult a landscaping expert if you are not sure.

  1. Nitrogen Damage

Problem: Nitrogen in pet urine can damage and kill off your lawn.

Solution: Dig out the lawn area, add topsoil and grass seed, then add fertiliser. Keep your pets away from the area until the lawn grows back. Dilute anywhere they pee to reduce the impact.

Whenever you plan on doing some landscaping, there is always going to be a few problems that crop up that you may not know how to solve. Lawncare is one of those tricky things that may need expert assistance. Get help with your landscaping or try out these lawncare methods above.